Positive Impact

The Homestead began from a single moment — a moment in which one individual realized we all have the potential to create a better world through every interaction we have and every choice we make. And today, we strive to create more of those moments for everyone who comes here and help them understand the effect they can make on this world.

A Better world starts here

Whether it’s helping to document the progress of our conservation programs through photography skills, becoming active in helping local communities to overcome the challenges they face or simply sharing the importance of Nambiti as a unique ecosystem, we’re inviting our guests and current followers to become involved through participation in meaningful experiences that are engaging, inspiring and incredibly rewarding.

At the Homestead, you’ll have the time of your life but you’ll also have a positive effect on the life of our planet. From sustainable breeding programs for endangered species to employing and educating local people, we’re dedicated to making a difference and we’re inviting you to help us.

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