Supporting local communities

Maintaining a close relationship with our community is incredibly important, and the bond we have formed is a close one that benefits both parties. Without them, we’re nothing. But with mutual respect and cooperation , you’ll be amazed at what we’re all achieving.

Responsibility to the community

The Homestead, and Nambiti Private Game Reserve, is built on land owned by the local community. After the end of apartheid, the South African government began to redistribute land and compensation was given to those whose land changed hands. The owner of Nambiti wanted to support his community, so he invested that money by paying to lease the land from the locals, agreeing to manage the estate and provide conservation training, education and employment opportunities. To this day, the same arrangement stands, members of the community are on the board and are consulted on all developments on or around the reserve.

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    Guests will be able to learn more about how The Homestead is now apart of this relationship with the community through one-on-one conversations with community members and with our team. The Homestead offers employment to the local community and is sourcing produce and local materials to use at the lodge. Our rangers work with the reserve’s anti-poaching team, supporting them with equipment and resources. The Homestead also support local artists and artisans by acquiring pieces to display and or sell from the lodge.