While many safaris focus solely on a game drive, we offer a range of experiences and adventures designed to ignite the imagination and pique a deeper sense of curiosity. You can immerse yourself in adventures over several days which, as well as our astonishing game drives, can include animal photography classes, hiking through untamed landscapes, cooking with local ingredients, overnight camping high in the mountains and even taking part in sustainable initiatives. Through these experiences, you’ll discover both new and ancient ways to make a positive impact on your own life and on the lives of others.

Game Drives

Start at sunrise and be back in time for breakfast and leave after lunch and return after sunset. There will be no end to the amazing animals, birds and plants that you’ll see whilst in Nambiti Private Game Reserve. Our rangers have staggering knowledge of the bush, the wetlands, the plains - and the bugs and beasts that live in them.

  1. We will create bespoke game drives for all guests. We’ll devise a tailor-made plan that’s perfect for you. Our friendly, passionate and knowledgeable rangers will tell fascinating stories along the way, our almost silent, electric 4x4s allow you to get much closer to the animals, while our vehicle restrictions mean it never gets too crowded. Our fleet of vehicles is completely customised to provide comfort and safety for everyone. We even have a vehicle designed specifically for wheelchair users.

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