Our Commitment

We relentlessly minimise the effect of The Homestead on this land of such huge natural and historical significance. We strive to build bonds with the local community, collaborating with them regularly on shared conservation objectives.

Sustainable practices

The world today is full of establishments that produce astonishing amounts of pollution that is pumped into the atmosphere, resulting in a negative impact on every aspect of our Earth. At The Homestead, we are working on creating a positive impact through eco-friendly sustainable practices that are preserving, improving and reviving the world for us and future generations to come.

Roof Garden

Our living roofs are planted with rehabilitated indigenous grasses and vegetation so that The Homestead not only blends into its environment, but also reinstates habitats for wildlife that were displaced by the construction of The Homestead.

Balancing The Ecosystem

Whether it’s helping to document the progress of our conservation programs through photography skills, becoming active in helping local communities to overcome the challenges they face or simply sharing the importance of Nambiti as a unique ecosystem, we’re inviting our guests to become involved through participation in meaningful experiences that are engaging, inspiring and incredibly rewarding.

Community Reach

Members of the local community sit on the board of the Nambiti Game Reserve and they advise lodge teams on vital matters of conservation and employment. Robust, close relationships with our local community are vital to the success of The Homestead.

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Balancing the ecosystem