The world today is full of establishments that produce astonishing amounts of pollution that is pumped into the atmosphere, resulting in a negative impact on every aspect of our Earth. At The Homestead, we are working on creating a positive impact through eco-friendly practices that are preserving, improving and reviving the world for us and future generations to come.

Minimising ecosystem disruption

Animals have been temporarily moved from the site and a fence has been positioned around the buildings to ensure that they are not in any danger. We are making a conscious effort to preserve their thoroughfares, and any small animals found on-site during construction are gently caught and released into the reserve.

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    And, before we broke ground, our expert botanists carefully removed plant species from the location and have since cultivated them. Once the building is in place, these plants will be replanted in our garden areas and on top of our roofs.

The most sustainable materials

We always try to use the most sustainable materials, such as local stone and ethically sourced wood from nearby regions.  What’s more, we re-use raw materials wherever possible to keep waste to a minimum.

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    Wood is always ethically sourced from nearby regions, such as Kiaat wood of Ghana from a sustainable forest. We are reutilizing raw materials, such as formwork composite and wooden boards, as much as possible to reduce waste during construction. Excavated rock, such as dolerite, is being dressed and reused for wall and column cladding.

Powered by the sun

Our aim is to eliminate any need for energy from fossil fuels. Nearly all of our power already comes from the sun, backed up by a grid that’s largely offset by our tree-planting program.

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    Sun penetration into the lodge is carefully managed through an arc shaped overhang that helps to minimize heat loss in winter and allows for cooler air in the warm months. Highly energy efficient appliances, lighting, electrical equipment and air conditioners are used throughout the lodge. Provisions for gas lines and storage are also underway.

precious resources

The source of all life

Water is the earth’s most precious commodity, so ours is sustainably sourced from a local bore hole. We’re also building rainwater tanks to collect water which can be used for landscaping, washing vehicles and has many other uses.

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    We’re also installing French Drains, which are trenches containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and replaces important nutrients back into the ecosystem.

A new breed of safari vehicle

99.9% of safaris still use petrol or diesel vehicles but we’re introducing a fleet of all-electric luxury 4x4s. They will prevent about 9 metric tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere each year and because they’re practically silent, they’re far less likely to frighten or disturb the wildlife.

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    For just a single three-hour game drive, each vehicle will save 60 liters of oxygen and their batteries will last a staggering fifteen years. In addition, the quietness of the vehicles will limit any potential wildlife disturbance.