Whether you favor rye in your bread or your whisky; if you're a morning person who loves a hearty breakfast or you prefer a slow, sensory supper in sparkling company, just let us know. We'll ensure your time is abundant with the food and drink experiences you love the most and several new, unexpected pleasures that we will tailor to your preferences.

The Restaurant

Led by our Executive Head Chef Kamarl John, our world-class team of culinary creators lovingly create contemporary and traditional dishes from fresh, local, seasonal produce that’s responsibly sourced. We’re at your service from the moment you arrive at The Homestead.

  1. The Captain's Table

    The Captain’s Table is both an object and a symbol of the concept at the heart of The Homestead: the origin story of the Krogman family and Captain Bradley expresses our desire to welcome our guests with warmth, connect each guest with other guests so that each can share and celebrate their own experiences.

  2. The Bistro

    Whether you want a bulletproof specialty coffee before your sunrise safari or you want to share a couple of hours in conversation while our food and beverage manager prepares and presents a traditional, Taiwanese tea ceremony, our bistro is always open for our guests.

The details that make the difference.

Powered by artisans

Our team have spent the last couple of years travelling the world to find renowned artisans who spend their days creating and crafting the most contemporary small batch food and drinks, using methods and techniques that are in some instances centuries old.

Sourcing Ingredients

Our culinary food and beverage teams are privileged to work with both local partners, who supply outstanding organic ingredients, as well as with internationally-renowned artisans and producers whose practice aligns with our own.

The Whisky

If you enjoy good conversation with a companion over a glass of the ‘water of life’, you’ll love The Homestead’s whisky. Our sommelier will be happy to pour you a dram and describe our painstaking distillation and ageing process or you can join one of our whisky cocktail masterclasses during your time with us.

The Wine

Our delicious wines are chosen from renowned global vineyards as well as South African producers. You’ll be able to select from an extensive list of floral, earthy, citrus and fruity wines that include drink now wines and aged boutique wines only available at The Homestead.