The Lodge

The Homestead
The Lodge

Whether you’re a family on an adventure, a couple celebrating an exceptional milestone or a business traveller seeking serenity and inspiration, choose from one of our spacious, impeccable guest suites. Each has spectacular views, private decks, butler service and WiFi - all have their own elegant designs and magical touches. The Homestead mixes sustainable practices with wonderfully attentive service. There is nowhere on Earth quite like it as a haven of tranquility, discovery and reflection.

Designed Naturally

The Homestead is hewn from local stone and its central feature is a stunning elevated structure that houses bars and dining areas, a world-class restaurant, infinity pool and the all important viewing platform over the watering hole. On the flat roof a tranquil garden adds another layer of harmony to the landscape.

Most importantly, everything we’re doing is rooted in our commitment to conservation. The Homestead is being created with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

This structure connects to a beautiful, natural escarpment and a watering hole at the other end. Every roof is planted using the same grass that covers the nearby grasslands to add another layer of natural harmony to its design.

And perhaps most importantly, everything we are doing fully aligns with our commitment to conservation. We have carefully managed the construction of The Homestead to ensure that the sensitive ecosystem is disrupted as little as possible and that we exceed the requirements of the law. Toxic materials are never used and construction waste is disposed of without any damaging impact to the earth.

Celebration Suite

Our Celebration Suite is ultra-luxury and ultra-fun rolled into one! The colour scheme is bold and playful; the art is guaranteed to lift your spirits; the view is awe-inspiring; and it is so comfortable that you may never want to leave.