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“We’ve got pop-up fridges in the front, that you’ve got for your champagne, A/C, heaters, cooled seats and hot water on board,” said Steve Blatherwick, founder and owner of Electric Safari Vehicles and EPVA. He is not talking about rock-star limousines. He is talking about the ultra-luxury state-of-the-art battery-operated electric safari vehicles he has created for The Homestead. “I’ve kept The Homestead on the same Land Rover 2008 model which is a safari favorite,” he continued. This also means that it will be easy to source and replace parts as needed.

With fifteen years of experience behind him, this mechanical genius is also a visionary eco-warrior. He has a family farm in Timbavati, in South Africa, and goes to relax and recharge his own batteries on land which has been untouched for a thousand years! 

He spent time in London and there developed his passion for recycling vehicles. As time went on, he found that he could not ignore the African in him and returned to his beloved South Africa to expand his business there.