Q&A: Brent JVR, Head Battlefield Guide

What made you want to join The Homestead team?

The Homestead and its team are bending the rules of your classic, conventional safaris and are introducing innovative technology and an eco-friendly guest experience which is next to none. The Homestead is also bringing many firsts into the industry and this really made me want to be a part of it.


What sparked your interest in the history of this area?

My interest was sparked quite a while ago when I learnt that both sides of my family were involved in the anglo-Boer wars. And with KwaZulu-Natal hosting so many of the conflicts, all the way from The Mfecane (the crushing) between the Zulus to the Voortrekker-Zulu conflicts, the Anglo-Zulu and the Anglo-Boer wars. It’s amazing that they survived it all and I really wanted to learn more.

What makes The Homestead history so special?

The Homestead history is a very special one. The ruins that stand at The Homestead were built in the early 1800’s and at a time where it was considered taboo, the love between a British Captain and a young Boer lady was so strong that they would be blessed by her family and build themselves a house. This house would later become a place of Peace, Love and Understanding where everybody would get together, put their differences aside and share a meal around the same table.


Can you tell us more about the museum at The Homestead?

The museum must, by far, be my favorite part and it’s in one of the same ruins that we speak about, that are so old. We have maintained its integrity, and have transformed it into a museum that represents the English, Zulu and Boer people in a non-biased fashion. With an array of artifacts that are beautifully displayed, well curated and preserved for our guests to experience.

What would you like the guests at The Homestead to leave knowing?

I would like the guests to leave The Homestead having learnt about the history that has forged our future and to learn from the mistakes that were made in the past so that we do not repeat those mistakes.


What is your favorite animal and why?

My favorite animal is, by far, the White Rhino. I think it has something to do with their vulnerability but then also their mass and their power. And even being such a powerful animal, they still choose to be peaceful yet inquisitive.