23,000 acres of wonder

23,000 acres. That’s the size of the Nambiti Game Reserve.

Which is why it has plenty of room for more than fifty species of wild animals, almost 300 species of birds as well as countless reptiles and insects plus a rich variety of plant life and a plethora of contrasting landscapes.

This land, however, has undergone tremendous change over the last century. It’s been transformed from a bare and barren war zone to the luxuriant and flourishing reserve it is today. And we’re devoted to ensuring that it stays this way.

It’s now a unique and astonishingly diverse ecosystem, in which every living thing is dependent on some, if not all, of the others.

However, all those natural intricacies make it fragile, which is why we’re committed to protecting and preserving its beauty and balancing its diversity. The big predators are often portrayed as the ruthless villains of any wild, natural environment but as Head Ranger, Brent Jansen Van Rensburg explains, they’re also the heroes.

“If we took out all of the predators from Nambiti, there would be nothing to control the population of herbivores, thus leading to overgrazing and over browsing of grass and trees. This in turn, would lead to a lack of palatable plants and grasses, and in the end, would leave all of the herbivores without food and inevitably be the cause of their death in the masses.”

This is why we’re so careful to monitor every animal, bird, insect, plant and tree to maintain that vital balance and ensure that wondrous biodiversity can thrive.