Introducing: The Homestead Spa

After a long-haul flight, or a long day of adventure on a big five safari, our guests at The Homestead will be able to enjoy facial and body treatments using both local and global techniques, and products from Dermalogica and Terres D’Afrique. These are some of the most contemporary, relaxing and restorative luxury spa treatments around — and we offer some uniquely bespoke therapies, too.

Two completely bespoke treatments will be offered to guests at The Homestead: a Bio-Therapeutic Oxygen treatment, which is an amazing antidote for jet lag and for restoring a healthy glow to the skin, and a Bio-Therapeutic LED light treatment which introduces hydration to the skin after a long flight, or time out in the private game reserve of Nambiti — it also stimulates collagen and elastin. Furthermore, the Bio-Therapeutic micro machine enhances exfoliation and penetration of serums into the skin. The Bio-Therapeutic machines will enable The Homestead to be the first luxury safari lodge in Africa to offer these soothing, restorative treatments to guests.

So, we don’t think you will need to think twice about trying our tempting spa treatments to rejuvenate you during your luxury safari holiday in South Africa!

Our spa is situated in the main lodge. Our spa team is headed by Portia Mchunu, who said “I'm a 33-year-old wellness therapist. I went to Hillcrest primary and Hillcrest high school and matriculated in the year of 2006. I then went to study at the Durban University of Technology and graduated in 2009. After that I got my first job at Bridget Filmer Spa and Skin, and I worked there for 3 years. After that I moved to the Heritage Retreat and I was there for just under 2 years. Then I felt I needed a change and something far away from home, so I started looking at cruise liners, Middle Eastern countries and game reserves as possibilities for new employment. I then settled on a game reserve, for reasons unknown to me but the universe must've been working in my favour at the time. I applied and got the job at Singita, until now.

I was a fish out of water but I was eager to prove myself. I started working in the lodge in October 2014. I worked hard for a year as a therapist and got promoted to Head Therapist, and that's where I stayed for 6 years. I am passionate about what I do.

I love therapy but I love the administrative side of things as well. I believe in investing in people and taking the time to understand not only the business and what is required of me, but also the people who will be working in the business; linking up with like-minded people who want to do more and achieve excellence in all they do. That's why I value training and educating people on the market. What's new out there, how can we better ourselves as therapists, and the business."

We consider ourselves very lucky to have this like-minded lady as the Head of our spa team.

We are also extrmely lucky to have the internationally renowned skincare and body therapy expert Jennifer Eales, as our spa partner. Portia’s exceptional team members at The Homestead, are trained by Jenny and her colleague Laura Johnston.

Jenny has her own 11 room clinic in Durban and has consulted to several spas in lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Jenny consulted to the spas at the Singita group for 21 and was recommended to Wayne Scholes, founder of The Homestead, during his quest to find the best possible consultant to design unique therapeutic treatments for guests of The Homestead.

Jenny began training as a therapist while gaining hands-on experience in London, and has continually honed her skills through the years, in the UK, the USA and South Africa. Ever eager to understand innovation, new trends and product launches, Jenny continually participates in training and tutorials for new techniques and she has attended many of the Dermalogica World Congresses.

Our highly skilled team will quite literally rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with a wonderful array of treatments.

The spa therapists will be using Dermalogica products for skin treatments, in combination with Bio-Therapeutic technology.

Lymph-draining African head massages, full-body deep tissue treatments and manicures and pedicures using locally sourced, cruelty-free nail polish are just a few of the spa experiences that guests will be able to choose from at The Homestead.

Some of the others include oxygen facials; where a wand sprays liquid hydrator directly on to skin, pulsing oxygen on to fine lines and wrinkles before a collagen-infused mask is applied and covered by a dome for 20 minutes, during which time you can enjoy a tension-relieving neck and shoulder massage. As well as rejuvenating the skin, the oxygen is also delivered to the lungs. Cell regeneration will be stimulated, with the use of LED treatment that promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate, the primary carrier of energy in cells. Of course, some people prefer more classic facial treatments, so you can choose a one-hour facial if you prefer healing hands to tech!

Terres d’Afrique is a local, organic, certified brand renowned for its commitment to preserving the biodiversity of the ecosystems from which they source their ingredients. They create products that restore the skin’s natural balance. The Homestead’s spa therapists will be using some of Terres d’Afrique natural face and body oils, balms, scrubs and body butters in our treatments.

Terres d’Afrique also subscribes to Fairtrade, collaborating with local farmers who have understood and hand-harvested these powerful African botanicals for generations. Terres d’Afrique use the fruit of the Kigelia tree in their products to clarify, tighten and firm the skin — Tsonga and Shangaan people from Southern Mozambique and North Eastern parts of Southern Africa use the powder of the mature fruit as a dressing in the treatment of wounds. Omumbiri resin is used by Namibian women, who mix it with butterfat and red ochre to nourish the skin and protect it from the sun. Terres d’Afrique use Omumbiri resin in their formulations to create a warming, woody scent with a hint of lemon.

Guests can luxuriate in a sublime warm crystal ball massage, where the spa therapists will be using exquisite crystal balls that are found only in Madagascar — either Blue Lace Agate or Polychrome Jasper, to soothe sore muscles and aching joints.

Wooden, flexible tri-touch tools and warming Phindas will be used to give our guests deep tissue massages (a Phinda is a small cloth bundle containing seeds from the majestic Baobab tree, known as The Tree of Life, which absorbs and retains water in its huge trunk and produces nutrient-rich fruit in the dry season. Phinda is a Zulu word that means to repeat). 

Our guests can choose whether to receive some of the treatments we offer, in the comfort of their suite, or in the spa itself.

The relaxing and restorative spa treatments are some of the experiences that will make your luxury safari holiday at The Homestead an immersive treat for your mind, body and spirit that you will always remember and cherish — and aim to revisit!