Putting an end to poaching

Rhinos, elephants and even lions have long highly sought after for their skins and tusks. Poachers will stop at nothing to kill these majestic animals but, at The Homestead, we’ll stop at nothing to make sure they don’t.

It’s not just the animals that we’re so vigilant in protecting, but the interdependency of the entire ecosystem.  The loss of even one species can lead to everything else falling apart.

So we work closely with the Nambiti Anti Poaching Unit, patrolling the reserve day and night to spot any suspicious activity and stop poachers in their tracks.

We support the APU by providing funding for their work. This has enabled them to build new ranger stations within the reserve, and to re-stock, shelter and survey the land with the very latest technology. We sometimes supplement their numbers with our own staff so they can increase their presence and deter poachers from coming anywhere near.

At The Homestead, we’re committed to keeping all our animals safe and protected, which starts with preventing poachers from ever entering the game reserve and keeping their snares away from our fences lines.

We’re aiming for the complete eradication of poaching and together with the APU, we’re doing very well.

To find out more about our anti-poaching initiatives and how you can help, join our journey.