Sustainability sustained

Sustainability has now become a bit of a buzzword. But for us, it’s not a buzzword, it’s a belief—a belief that we’re all connected to one another and to the planet which we all inhabit. So it’s vital that we work together to preserve this planet for future generations. 

“We are just one earth, and I think it’s important that it’s looked after,” says David Telford, The Homestead’s Client Representative. “We humans have damaged the earth, be it by mining, agriculture, sprawling urban development and much more—and now it’s up to us to repair and rehabilitate it.”

Nambiti is one of is one of the most natural, unspoiled regions on earth. It contains and sustains a rich, diverse and unique ecosystem, comprising hundreds of rare plants, trees, birds and wild animals. And that’s why we created The Homestead: to protect and preserve the land around it. And everything that lives within it. 

Even the building, its architecture and the local raw materials used in its construction have been carefully designed to minimise The Homestead’s effect on the environment. Its rugged, natural exterior gives little clue to the levels of luxury within.  The pillars along the main lodge are hewn from dolerite; a local rock that’s a deep rust colour on the outside but inside it’s a magnificent metallic blue.  And the carved ironstone used to build the lodge was unearthed from the land on which the building now stands.  Once the main structure is complete, the roof will be topped with the same grass from the surrounding plains, allowing the building to blend back into the landscape. 

We believe that we all have the chance to create a better world with every decision we make, and the way we’re building The Homestead demonstrates our pledge to do just that.  

We’re delighted to share every step of our progress as we prepare to open our doors in early 2022.