Beyond the big five

The lion, the leopard, the rhino, the elephant and the buffalo. 

These animals, known as the “Big Five,” are magnificent beasts and you can see them all in their natural Nambiti habitats.  They’re the primary attractions on most South African safaris but we like to offer so many more.

Not for us (and we presume, not for you) the “been there, seen that” checklist approach to a game drive.  We believe in giving you a more complete and immersive experience where you get to see the Big Five, but also take in the breathtaking biodiversity of birds, insects and other animals with whom the Big Five share the land. 

For our crew of expert rangers, this is a lifelong passion and they’re full of fascinating tales of the extraordinary creatures they’ll show you.  Impalas, for example, have astonishingly acute senses.  They can see, hear or smell a predator long before that predator can see, hear or smell them.  And when they do, they release a very distinctive scent to alert other members of the herd to the potential danger, which encourages them to stay together and survive. 

To bring you closer to the animals but still minimise disturbance, our 4x4s are electric and we’ve added some extra on board technology to enhance your experience. State of the art cameras will give you an even better view, as well as capturing what you see so you can look at it forever.

Not surprisingly, we’re taking bookings already and look forward to welcoming you in early 2022. We can't wait to introduce you to the Big 5 and everything else Nambiti has to offer.