The Homestead Spa: Featuring locally produced African products from Terres D’Afrique

After your thrilling big five safari, you may well want to relax and rejuvenate in The Homestead spa. When you do, you will find that our products will deliver  you the next level of luxurious skin care. In their own words, Terres D’Afrique supplies “powerful, wild African botanicals,” which we believe will give our guests the luxury spa experience of a lifetime.

Our guests will enjoy holistic Terres D’Afrique spa treatments that are complete experiences with an African touch. Some of them are unusual, but highly effective. We will be using warm crystal balls, polychrome jasper or blue lace agate (from Madagascar), crystals that are well known for their healing properties, combined with hand massage techniques to massage the whole body. All these treatments also create serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for the feeling of well-being that is associated with the sense of touch.

“I grew up very much aware of environmental and conservation issues, but also medicinal plants and essential oils, because Madagascar has a lot of those,” said Dr. Stephan Helary. The Madagascar-born Founder and CEO of Terres D’Afrique, is passionate about using his in-depth knowledge of nutritional ecology, botany, conservation, and ecology to create a fairer world.

Like us at The Homestead, Stephan is committed to protecting the earth’s natural resources, and dedicated to their conservation.

He wanted to create an African skincare brand that was sustainable, organic, and ethical. What is more, he wanted to create it as a for-profit organization, so that it would create employment in local communities, and he would also be able to plough some of the profits back into those communities.

Stephan is one of the passionate conservationists and entrepreneurs who are helping The Homestead to manifest our vision, which is to create “a world made measurably better by every interaction we have, and every choice we make.” That is how we aim to become the best luxury safari lodge in South Africa. We offer super-luxury, super-fun, and amazing adventures. However, we offer more than that on our luxury safari holidays; we create heart-centred relationships with local communities that provide the products which we offer to our guests. And that means at The Homestead, you will enjoy sustainable, socially conscious luxury.

All the hand-harvested ingredients have been supplied by local providers who have been using these products for generations and whose knowledge of their special properties is unparalleled.

Those providers are treated fairly by Terres D’Afrique; their intellectual property is honoured, and they are not pressured into entering into exclusive agreements for their products.

Terres D’Afrique gives back to the local communities and providers by donating 1% of their sales to the Baobab Foundation, which supports projects that help the Baobab harvesting communities.

It means thinking carefully about the effects of packaging on the environment; using eco-friendly materials; and avoiding the use of plastic wherever possible.

Meaning that when you emerge from our spa to continue your luxury safari experience at The Homestead, your heart will glow just like your superbly nourished and rejuvenated skin.