Walk this way

Walk the way Africa’s indigenous people have walked for thousands of years. Join us on a walking safari. You’ll never feel closer to the ancient majesty of nature.

The beauty and tranquillity of a trek across the Nambiti reserve is a life experience that will stay with you forever. Its slower, more considered pace gives you the chances to witness animal activity and see some species of fauna that simply wouldn’t be possible in any kind of vehicle.

Your guides will brief you before you go out, explaining which wonders you’re likely to encounter. You’ll discover why walking in single file minimises your environmental impact, allowing the animals to regard your party as a single entity. It’s best to dress in muted greens, browns and greys to blend in with the ecosystem and cause minimal disturbance. Every guide knows the lie of this land and will only track animals when it’s 100% safe to do so. At all times, you’ll be accompanied by at least two guides, one of whom will be armed, just in case.

While you’re absorbing the magnificent stillness of an African sunrise, your guides will lead you on an enthralling quest where you can enjoy every plant, tree, track and animal sighting in greater, closer and more fascinating detail.

The wind, you’ll soon find out, is your friend. Animals’ sense of smell is far keener than ours and your guides will ensure that you’re downwind at all times and show you how to use sand to check which way the wind is blowing. Before long, you’ll be doing this yourself.

A walking safari is a truly sensorial experience. Your senses of smell, sight, touch, sound and taste will all be heightened, as you quickly learn to identify signs of animal evidence and anticipate the possibility of encounters. Immersed in nature’s embrace, you’ll have time to reflect and engage with the environment in ways you never thought possible.